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Hey, I'm Martin Wagenführ!

Technic Enthusiast | Software Developer | Gamer

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liz (ˈlɪz)

"liz" is a license-extraction and -validation tool for your .NET project or solution.

Because I had trouble with tools like that before I wanted to implement something like this myself using all the .NET Tools that are available so that the process is as correct as it gets. I also managed to choose a software-design which enables me to extend the tool easier in the future.

For easier usage in a build-process I designed the tool in a way that it is easy to use for third-party tools. I currently support Cake and NUKE.



A simple Testing-Tool for .NET to automatically initialize your system-under-test with mocked instances, inspired by tools like NEdifis and AutoFixture.

I chose an approach which would enable me (and other developers) to simply support multiple mocking-frameworks using this package.



A light-weight, rule-based CSV-Processor. The processor watches a configured inbox-directory for you and processes (based on the given rules) any new CSV-file that it catches and outputs the processed one anywhere you want.

This was done for a friend of a friend of mine who needed to connect two services to one another.



A relatively simple .NET solution-file parser to provide information that might be important when analyzing a solution. Because it targets netstandard2.0 it can be basically used anywhere you want.

This little package was needed i.e. to be able to parse the solution which is given to liz for analysis, because I need every project in the solution (and have to make decisions based on the type of project).


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